Who is Sweetie?

Sweetie is a ten-year-old virtual Filipino girl. Her highly life-like image appears online in chat rooms and on dating sites. When men start talking with her in a sexually suggestive way, she engages back. All the information from their exchanges gets stored and used to warn, track down or even arrest and convict perpetrators.

The origins of Sweetie

Sweetie was developed in 2013 as part of research into webcam child sex. Within a short time, Sweetie was in touch with 1,000 men. This outcome was so shocking that it caused global outcry. Terre des Hommes had pulled back the curtain on online child sexual exploitation for good. Ever since, we have been using Sweetie to stop this terrible form of child exploitation.

We're extremely proud when our work can be used for humanitarian efforts. Sweetie is a perfect example of how technological innovation and public service can join to protect human rights.

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