About us

About us

At Reblika, we blur the lines between real and digital. We are an award-winning character company that creates state-of-the-art digital humans, 3D scans, and digital doubles for the fashion, gaming, and film industries.

We enable brands to engage their audiences in new and exciting ways, weave compelling stories, and ensure consistency across the physical and digital worlds, through innovative technology and expertly crafted content.

Virtual Influencers represent a massive opportunity for forward-looking brands to create loyal audiences with long-term value through curated personas, social media stories and experiences.

Our rapid-fire content pipelines allow brands to stay on top of daily trends and provide real-time engagement, with reduced cost and risk compared to traditional influencer relationships. VI’s provide an authentic and emotional channel for powerful brand communication.


Part of creating a sustainable and innovative business is hearing from people like you! Whether you have a question, concern, compliment, or project for us, we want to hear it!