REBLIKA is accepting open applications.

We are pushing the limits and blurring the boundary to become the top character company in the world.

At Reblika, we want our clients to be blown away. Our work should be so good that it’s hardly possible to distinguish between the digital and the real. So we stay on the cutting edge, always challenging ourselves with new technology and techniques, to deliver only the best. Starting from the work of one artist, Mao Lin Liao, Reblika has grown into a team of talented artists and creatives from around the world. Really, we’re a bunch of fun nerds who take our Friday night gaming sessions as seriously as our jobs. And we think our jobs are pretty cool. The vibe here is positive, supportive, and ambitious. If you share our passion and pioneering spirit, you could be a great fit! Take a look at open positions on our LinkedIn. If you don’t see one that applies to you, feel free to get in touch at We’d love to hear from you.