Have you ever seen a celebrity in a video game? They were probably scanned in a studio to create a photorealistic version of the famous figure. 
3D scanning is much more than putting an actor in front of cameras.
The scan provides a photorealistic representation of the actor, collecting data and generating a reference mesh that 3D artists can use in the next stages of character design. The result is a life-like rendering of a real human in a fraction of the time.
We offer two 3D scanning solutions, suitable for people, products like shoes and clothing, or larger objects. Take a look to see what suits your needs.
-Multi-camera shutter release and flash signal synchronization

-Downloading speed up to 300MB/s

-Shot management – each shot is grouped into corresponding

folders with consistent camera naming convention

-Optional secondary non-polarized lighting for look-dev references

-110 or 220V power and 4x4m footprint

-Comprehensive workflow training
3D scanning solution
Our portable 3D scanning service maintains top-notch accuracy and precision while being completely mobile. For example, the Reblika team travels to Milan and Paris to scan new collections from the world’s most famous fashion houses.

Basically, you can stay where you are. We’ll come to you.
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