We are exploring secret world of 4D movies at Reblika. Here is our first collaboration with our friends at Pixel Light Effects . This joined effort is published at . Let us know if you want to know more about using 4D capture for animation production.
Historisch Bewijs
Amsterdam - The Rijksmuseum did a series of investigations about old objects in Dutch Museums. The investigation must make clear whether the object is genuine. Various objects are discussed, such as Rembrandt's paint bags, Ernst Casimir's hat, the Piet-Heyn bowl, Hugo de Groot's bookcase, the tongue and finger of the De Witt brothers and the executioner with which Olde Barneveld would be beheaded to be. In the latter, Reblika was hired by PosVideo to paint a realistic picture of Johan Olde Barneveld for the "Historical Evidence" TV program.  
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REBLIKA  is a character company that provides 3D character based services for video games and feature films. We are specialized in the digital capture & reconstruction of people, objects & environments using cutting edge technology.
12 Golden Lions and one Grand Prix for Sweetie campaign at Cannes Lions Festival
The Sweetie campaign draws attention to the problem of webcam child sex tourism by creating a virtual child called ‘Sweetie’ in order to identify perpetrators online. The Grand Prix for Good category is the overall award for charity and public services campaigns. Sweetie was selected by the jury among 32 Golden Lion winning entries.
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Character Modelling
Shading & Lookdevelopement
Facial Rigging
Character Animation
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